Public actors together


In this section, we set out to highlight all the actions implemented by the various ministries and local authorities in relation to third places.

This is where you can find out about projects, collaborations, financial arrangements, agile initiatives, public agents, project leaders and ministerial project managers – unveiling the dynamic ecosystem associated with third places and illustrating the variety of actors, the diversity of partnerships and action plans, and their territorial utility.

By providing support for innovative territorial projects and guided explorations carried out in the third places, many public actors are engaged in these creative spaces in a quest to find new ways of acting together to promote the economic, digital and ecological transitions.

This is where you will find inspiring initiatives and examples of support actions developed by public actors involved at local and national levels.

From public innovation laboratories and the financing of social integration support via local support mechanisms (DLA), to a subsidy from the balancing grant in favour of rural territories (DETR) for the shared gardens of a “Fabrique de Territoire” (territorial third-place resource centre), this is where we will be telling you about the schemes rolled out at all levels in order to revolutionise joint public actions.

Public actors in action!

Focus on Isère: Implementation of a departmental public policy

Interview with Isabelle Pissard

How did the scheme originate? The scheme to promote third places was launched in April 2019 by Jean-Pierre Barbier – the President of the Department, under the impetus of two vice-presidents – Annick Merle and Pierre Gimel. An initial decision in principle declares Isère’s commitment to third-party locations within the scope of its authority [read more]

“Manufactures de Proximité”: third places for production

Interview with Kristof de Meulder

“Manufactures de Proximité” (collaborative community workshops) are the ANCT's new scheme to promote reshoring by creating a series of collaborative third places devoted to production.

Connected campuses: third places for higher education

Interview with Erwan Paitel

The Connected Campus scheme has accredited 89 projects, which are now identified as higher education third places. We take you on a tour of these new learning models.

Public policy in support of third places in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region

Interview with Eugénie Michardière

We look back on ten years of public policy in support of third places with the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

France Services Digital Advisors

Interview with Julia Herriot

The France Services Digital Advisor scheme has enabled the training and deployment of 4,000 digital advisors. Find out how it was set up to meet users' needs.

Jean-François Duchemol

Responsable de pas grand chose en Aquitaine.
Coordonne le centre de ressources du DLA Culture.

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