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Intellectual property

The contents of this website are subject to public information law and are covered by copyright. Any reuse of videos, photographs, graphic creations, illustrations and glossaries, in addition to all editorial content produced for the items published on the website, are subject to the author’s agreement.

In accordance with public intellectual property law, and pursuant to Article L122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code in particular, the following ‘official documents’ can be freely re-used:

  • speeches, press kits and press releases,
  • circulars, directives and other regulatory documents,
  • CERFA forms.

Non-commercial re-use, particularly for educational purposes, is authorised on condition that the integrity of the information is respected, that the meaning, scope and application of the information are not altered, and that the origin and date of publication are specified.

The information may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without express permission and a licence to re-use public information. The creation of a product or service from public information that is intended to be made available to third parties, whether free of charge or in return for payment, is considered as reuse for commercial or promotional purposes.

The use of the trademarks used on this website in any other medium or on any other network is prohibited.


Any public or private website is authorised to create a link to information disseminated by the Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires (French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion), without prior authorisation. However, the pages of this website must not be embedded in the pages of another website.

The authorisation to create a link is valid for any medium, with the exception of those disseminating information of a controversial, pornographic or xenophobic nature, or which may more broadly be considered offensive by the majority of people.


Mission Société Numérique has chosen to make its documents available under Open Licence/Open Licence 2.0 format by default. This means that, unless otherwise stated, you are free to re-use any public information that is made available on this website, free of charge and without any restriction of use, on the sole condition that you mention the source of the information (Mission Société Numérique) and the date on which the re-used information was last updated (by using a hypertext link, for example).

What is the purpose of a licence?

The licence for further use informs users precisely about the conditions under which they are authorised to use the information made available on this platform. It establishes a legal framework for users’ rights and obligations when they re-use this information. The licence for further use is a contract that binds users to Mission Société Numérique or to other parties that have published materials on the website.

In this respect, once users download any or all of the administrative documents made available on this website, they undertake to comply with the terms of the licence for further use. By default, i.e. unless otherwise stated, datasets may be used under the terms defined the Open Licence, which you can download here.

Why use Open License 2.0 ?

(Source: Etalab blog)

As part of the government’s ‘Open Data’ policy on providing free access to public data, Etalab has designed the “Open Licence” (OL) (Licence Ouverte – LO). This licence, developed in consultation with all stakeholders, facilitates and encourages the re-use of public data made available free of charge.

The publication of Decree No. 2017-638, provided for in Article L 323-2 of the CRPA (French code governing relations between the public and government), makes OL 2.0 the principal licence used by government bodies for the publication of public data, alongside ODbL, enabling its use by all government organisations.

The “Open Licence” has the following advantages:

  • offering a great deal of freedom to re-use information
  • being an open, free and unrestricted licence, providing the degree of legal certainty required by producers and re-users of public data
  • promoting the widest possible reuse by enabling the reproduction, redistribution, adaptation and commercial exploitation of the data
  • conforming to an international context by being compatible with the standards of open data licences developed abroad, especially that of the British government (Open Government Licence), and other international standards (ODC-BY, CC-BY 2.0)
  • including a strong requirement for data transparency and high-quality sources by making mentions of authorship compulsory
  • providing opportunities to pool other public data by establishing a standard that can be reused by local authorities wishing to start providing open access to their public data


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The publisher endeavours to enable access to the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure or of an event beyond the control of the French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT), and subject to any breakdowns or maintenance interventions required for the proper functioning of the website and services.

Consequently, the Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires cannot guarantee the availability of the website and/or its services, the reliability of transmissions, or its performance in terms of response time and quality. No technical support is provided to users, either by electronic means or by telephone.

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Applicable law

Irrespective of the place of use, this website is governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, and after the failure of all attempts to find an amicable solution, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction to hear this dispute.

If you have any questions about these terms of use, please write to us at the following address:

Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires
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