France Services Digital Advisors

Rolling out France Services Digital Advisors in third places

As part of ‘France Relance’ (the French post-COVID-19 recovery plan), the Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications has allocated €250 million to make digital technology more relevant to all French people in their daily lives. The objective is simple: in order to improve training, we need more professionals, in addition to more and better equipped facilities

4,000 France Services Digital Advisors are currently being recruited for deployment in the field, in partnership with local authorities, associations, and social and solidarity-based enterprises. In third places, the 4,000 France Services Digital Advisors financed by the State will be responsible for organising workshops to help French citizens learn how to use digital tools that can make a difference to their daily lives.

At the same time, to guarantee effective responses and support for people struggling to use digital technologies, the State is financing the creation and provision of furniture that will be manufactured locally by makers and craftsmen in short distribution circuits

This furniture will be adapted to suit the practices of digital mediators, and more specifically of France Services Digital Advisors. It will be compatible with outdoor or mobile configurations.

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France Relance

Key figures

€15 million made available to support the manufacture of new furniture designed to facilitate digital inclusion, by makers in third places

The first 62 digital advisors have been operating in the field since the summer

3,516 open recruitments

1440 advisors recruited

579 advisors in training