Discover a selection of calls for projects targeting stakeholders in third places

The “Digital Centre” Call for Projects by the Orange Foundation

This call for projects is aimed at associations and other public interest or public utility organisations promoting the digital inclusion and economic emancipation of women living in precarious social and economic circumstances and with no job security by familiarising them with digital tools. The Orange Foundation is currently funding 166 third places in France.

The selection criteria are:

  • to be an association or public interest or public utility organisation;
  • to have at least 5 years’ operational experience in the field of the fight for the rights, education and health of women living in precarious circumstances in Metropolitan France and the overseas Departments;
  • the ability to organise free courses over the long term;
  • the presence of a team with a keen interest in digital technology and organising and running training sessions.

The deadline for filing applications online is 31 May 2022. The selection committee meets at the end of July 2022.

Sharing culture with the Orange Foundation’s MOOCs

The Orange Foundation wishes to support the dissemination of certain practices from the world of culture in order to democratise access to culture through the production and implementation of cultural MOOCs for the general public.

The MOOCs must be targeted at a wide audience, deal with societal issues through an artistic lens and feature an original and attractive approach.

The deadline for filing applications online is 4 May 2022. The projects selected will benefit from in-kind support worth €67,000.

The “Experimental Third Places” Call for Projects by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation

This call for projects is part of the France 2030 scheme to improve the reach of digital technology in the healthcare sector. Its objective is to fund third places where there is a lack of testing grounds or third places, with missions that include, among other things, testing the use of new digital services in the healthcare field, conducting studies on users’ needs, etc.

All types of healthcare facilities (healthcare or medico-social services, public or private, individual centres in towns or departments in larger institutions) as well as innovation players (which are part of a healthcare or medico-social body) can apply to become “Experimental Third Places”.

The deadline for filing applications online is 25 May 2022. A collective discussion session is scheduled for 4 May for the bodies interested.

The third places call for projects by Rural Mouv

The 3rd edition of this call for projects is offering €7,500 of funding to support projects that aim to develop third places in rural areas.

The selection criteria are:

  • Presence of an active team of volunteers and a coordinating employee;
  • Participation in the national activities of the Port@il project;
  • Mobilisation of co-financing:
  • Sponsored by a “Familles Rurale” association or a SCIC (collective interest cooperative society) or even a SCOP (workers’ cooperative).

The deadline for filing applications is 9 May 2022.